Serv U 724, A Different Kind of Computer Company. 


Ask yourself this question.....

Where would I be, if my computer died TODAY without ANY hope of getting anything off of it?


SERVU724 backup software AUTOMATICALLY backs up your important files, pictures & music & sends it securely, to our servers.

So if anything catastrophic ever happened to your computer, like a malicious virus, a hard drive crash, fire or even THEFT - you can rest assured that copies of your important files are safe & secure in our federally certified off-site data storage facilities.

Okay so you are backing up and that is good.....


How do you know if that backup is any good?

You could be going through the motions of your backup program and find out what SO MANY OTHERS HAVE FOUND OUT and that is....

Data Corruption

How would you like to go and need those files and THEN find out they are no good?
It happens more often than you think...all of that work for nothing. Which is why we include, depending on the plan you choose - Backup Verification.
                                                                                    We actually restore your files to a different folder location on your computer to verify that they are good!
                                                                                    That is something most people overlook..... they go to use their backup when they need it and find out it was NO GOOD AT ALL.

So here's the easy 3 step plan at Serv U 724:

1. Tune up & Optimize your computer.
   We make it run as fast as it can.

   (in most cases, faster than the day you purchased it)

 2. Backup your entire computer.
    We take a "baseline image" of your computer.

    (an image of your computer and its programs and all of     your settings)
    Restoring your computer after an emergency will take       it back to THAT day, when it was running great!
                                                                                     3. Keep it up.
    Every 90 days we connect to you remotely.

   We fix any problems that you may have and make sure     your computer is fast. In the background, at a schedule     that you choose, Serv U 724 backup is making sure your     important files are backed up, securely.
   (we may even discover problems before they happen)

    SO in summary, we are going to :

    Tune it up
    Back it up
    Keep it up

                                                                                    So now that your computer is tuned up and your files        are protected with Serv U 724 back up, what about           when you have an unexpected problem?
                                                                                     You have someone to call for help whenever you need;     toll free, night or day, home or away.
It's all part of the plan to keep you covered.

                                                                                    Bronze Plan $19.99 - Includes support, backup & maintenance for 1 computer. (1@$19.99 ea)
                                                                                     Silver   Plan $24.99 -
Includes support, backup & maintenance for 2 computers.(2@$12.49 ea)
                                                                                    Gold    Plan $29.99 -
Includes support, backup & maintenance for 3 computers. (3@$9.99 ea)
                                                                                     * Each plan above comes with 1 gigabyte of storage          per computer & annual backup verification.
Platinum Plan $49.99 - (more storage) Includes support, backup & maintenance for 3 computers with up to 5 Gigabytes of storage each & annual backup verification.

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