We specialize in remote support & backup; you are just a click away from help!

Serv U 724, a different kind of computer company, is seeking applicants to market our NEW COMPUTER SERVICES that you will EASILY be able to market from home in your spare or full time. ( this is not a scam, we aren't looking for money from you, a real job you can work from home )

For this job, you must be computer savvy/knowledgeable, but no experience in marketing is necessary.

You can use whatever technique you want.... a combination of social networking ( facebook, myspace, etc.), emailing, personal networking - basically anything on the internet to achieve your own personal sales goals.
We will give you the information, training and ideas to get you started, the rest is up to you.
So..... you will have the flexibility to develop your own methods, in this ground floor opportunity; selling backup, preventive maintenance and tech support services - to anyone or business - basically anyone who owns any kind of computer.

Ask yourself: Who do you know of that does not have a computer?

Then again, give it a try; I challenge you... see if you can market our system; ask anyone this question:

Where would you be, if your computer died today, without being able to get anything off of it?
(all of your documents, pictures, music; EVERYTHING GONE!!)
If the answer is something catastrophic, "I don't know what I would do!" you could have just marketed 1 of our services.


For the right person, this could be a very lucrative opportunity in sales management.

Please send a letter of inquiry AND put your resume/experience pasted into an email in text format.

Due to the large amount of responses we receive, no resume, no reply.

Call us anytime toll free :

1 (888) 724 - HOUR

email us : info@servu724.com

  Local (413) 267 - 1900