Serv U 724, A Different Kind of Computer Company. 

                 We specialize in remote support & backup; you are just a click away from help!

Computer Problems?

Don't let a computer's problems become yours!

Is your comuter slow? Is using the internet painfully slow?
We can make your computer run as good as or even
better than the day you purchased it!

Internet Problems - Having problems getting your email program working? Is using the internet slow or does it do funny things on certain web pages? Do certain website not display porperly?
Do you search for something and does it seem that you are being led?
You may have a browser hijacker. Not good.

Call us we can fix it.

Software - Sometimes programs will conflict with each other causing
problems elsewhere. A software problem is often misdiagnosed as a
hardware problem. A client will say : "I think my computer needs more memory!"

When in fact, it just needs some repairs.

Network Problems - Unable to print to a network printer?
Having problems connecting to other computers on your network?
Want to share a printer or and internet connection?
We can get you up and running!

You are just a click away from help.

Security issues - Often those most in need of computer security are
not even aware that they need to be secure! Without proper security,
a hacker, virus worm or trojan can break into your computer leaving
you vunerable. Once they are in, they may have access to your financial records, credit card numbers, passwords and possibly your banking! They can also delete or change the information on your computer and even monitor what you do!
Proper security, like a good lock on your front door, can help keep the bad guys out.

Wireless Networking - Do you have more than one computer?
would you like to share files between them? Or how about sharing that internet connection, so that more than one computer can be online at
the same time? Use that laptop from anywhere you need it and print to your desktop printer.
We will make sure your wireless network is secure and protected!
You don't want your neighbor stealing your internet connection do you?
Because if someone else is on your network, it could slow YOU down!

Don't make the backup mistake !

You have built a digital life, right?
Your computer is filled with digital pictures, important documents, music that you payed for....Don't become another statistic and lose everything...